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Curriculum Details

What is LT Elite Junior Academy?

LT Elite Junior Academy is a program designed to provide age appropriate development and competition to boys & girls who have shown the ability to be successful at the recreational level of play. Players are grouped on teams by birth-year.

Who do we play?

Our LT Elite Junior Academy teams compete with several local Jr Academy programs. Some of these clubs include Lonestar, FC Westlake and Dripping Springs. 

Who should participate?

The program is designed specifically for U7 (Born 2014), U8 (Born 2013), U9 (Born 2012) & U10 (Born 2011) players who are ready for advanced training. The program is built around creating an environment for youth players to excel both technically and tactically. Although still a fun based learning program, players are expected to demonstrate focus, and a willingness to compete and develop as they prepare for Select soccer. We want our players to focus on having fun while developing technical skills in order to foster their love for the game.

Practice schedule

Academy players practice Two times a week. Practices will be Monday, and Wednesday at the Field of Dreams on Field 2B from 4:30-5:30PM.

*We may have an extra session throughout the season to focus on scrimmages 

Game format

Play is 5v5 (5 field players plus a goal-keeper) for U7s

Play is 7v7 (6 field players plus a goal-keeper) for U8-U10s


Our  Academy teams will participate in the Lonestar tournament following the spring season; there is no academy tournament in the fall.

Professional staff

The success of our Academy program is heavily reliant on the coaches we place on the field. Coaching young players effectively is a unique trait, and the coaches we provide have the remarkable characteristics and personalities that allow them to teach the game through fun activities, while also challenging every player to achieve and focus on improving their abilities.

All LT Elite staff are paid professional coaches with the appropriate licenses required to be successful in developing our players.

LT Elite Junior Academy curriculum

The goal of the LT ELITE  Academy program is to give all players the foundation to become successful and love the game. The Basic ball mastery and tactics used in small sided games will be the basis of our curriculum. Every coach will focus on teaching these principles with the most important factor being FUN! The program will be developing players at the appropriate pace, with fun engaging sessions that challenge the players to learn how to play the game the correct way.

Our curriculum is designed to help players to solve challenges within the game independently, but not forget to use their teammates. Soccer is a team game so we will focus on not only the fundamental techniques, but the basics of a successful team.
The players in the  Academy will be separated by age groups, so the difference in ages will require differentiated activities in order to challenge the players at the appropriate level.
As the players progress through the program the intensity and structure of the program will prepare the players for the appropriate game format. Our different age groups will have a different focus in order to develop the players at the appropriate pace.
Each age group works along the curriculum with each stage progressing further as you continue to grow and fulfill your potential.

U7/8 control the ball and have FUN!

Have Fun and develop ball mastery! We strive to get our players thousands of touches on the ball each week in order to develop the fundamentals to play the game. Our biggest challenge with our youngest age group is their ability to control the ball. “Heel down toe up” is one of our most common phrases.

U9 Find space and pass the ball

We want our players to play with speed, think about their decisions, work harder than their opponents and find space. This age group is encouraged to dribble at speed, use their skills and find the space to transition into. We begin to challenge them to find space and look to combine with your team mates, passing the ball with the correct technique. You can expect to hear our coaches use phrases like “open up” and “find Space”.

U10 Work hard, find space, pass the ball and play quicker

We want our players at the U10 age group to continue improving the skills previously taught at the U8 and U9 age group. The challenge is to now implement those skills and recognize what decision to make.

We ask the players “what do you see” and “was that a good decision.”

As the players get closer to the U11 age bracket the curriculum will reflect the appropriate preparation for select soccer.
We will start to introduce the structure behind player’s movements with the ball and just as importantly where to go when you don’t have the ball. The constant reminder of good technique, but an increased focus of shape and formation on the field will prepare our players for the select level.

Program cost

The cost for the Junior Academy program is $485 for U7-U10 players. A separate, additional tournament fee is collected by team managers during the season. Uniforms are an additional $100, which includes red/silver game jerseys, practice t-shirt, socks, and shorts.   There is an additional $35 volunteer buyout added to the cost of registration.  By doing 5 hours of volunteer service, the $35 will be refunded.

Registration fees can be paid with two options:

  • Pay the $75 commit fee upon registration with the balance due February 1st .
  • Pay the $75 commit fee upon registration with the balance paid in equal installments Feb/March/April.

There is a non-refundable $75 commit fee.  Due to Covid-19, if the season is delayed then payments will be delayed until play resumes.  If the season is cancelled then the portion of the season that was cancelled will be credited/refunded.

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